Internet Archive Wayback Machine Mr. Peabody and Sherman

I’m pretty sure the above-referenced cartoon series from the 1960s is the origin of the phrase, “Wayback Machine”. If you know better, say so. Of course, the origin has almost nothing to do with the point of this post, but may be interesting to note here for your curiosity and edification.

Here is what you can do with Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Click that link and type in your domain name or a URL. In my case, it will be — which is currently devoid of any useful content. However, long ago, that domain had a blog on it. And, some of those posts had been shared on Facebook. Now Facebook shows me that history often enough to make me wonder if I should work on resurrecting the content from that now defunct blog. I’m thinking, yes, I should. This is a job for the Wayback Machine.

Results returned by the Wayback Machine will be a timeline of snapshots taken through the years. Although it is easy enough to see what you can do with those results, for the sake of full instruction, details are here.

You’ll see the timeline has vertical bars in each of the years the machine has taken snapshots and the height of those bars indicates how many were taken in that month. The bars themselves represent the months in that year. See the image below.

For the year 2013 snapshots are available for January, July, August, and December. There are two in December, so that bar is twice the height of the others. The wider bar in 2013 indicates the consecutive months of July and August. Below the timeline, you’ll see a full year calendar with little blue circles on the day of the month the snapshot was taken.

See image below for further details.

When you click on one of the blue circles in the calendar, you’ll see what the Wayback Machine recorded on that date. Fair warning, not all of the links on your pages will work, especially if your site has moved (or, in my case is simply non-extant) or if the site you’ve shared links to has changed or moved or the Wayback Machine has no way to reference that resource.

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