Pay Attention to the Truth

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

Ignoring that little voice is a huge mistake. When your attention is strangely focused on something and it seems to make no sense, that may be your little voice trying to help you make a good decision. Like when you have your books around you and they are all in the same place they have been for days and weeks, but you are drawn to one for no discernible reason. The title just catches your eye, or you just happen to notice its location, as if it is suddenly newsworthy or something! And, not taking it with you is where you dropped the ball. When you get to where you are going, there is someone there, someone you are meeting for the first time, and she mentions a particular author and you just know she would have enjoyed having your copy of that book (the one you didn’t bring with you.) You read that tome long ago, many times perhaps, and now it just sits there, collecting dust. The book serves no purpose for you, but wouldn’t it have made a nice gift for you to give to someone else? You had an opportunity to be kind. Listen to the little voice.

The truth is this — there are so many new topics I could cover here today, that I’m confounded as to how to choose one and go. What would be a good word for the opposite of writer’s block? Writer’s spew? Writer’s gush. Avalanche? Think of something and get back to me on that one, please.

Within a few feet of me are at least a dozen books, most of them are about success or excellence or self-improvement and one is on the subject of its title: “The Energy of Words.” As in, choose carefully. In this book, the author uses a numbering system to find the energy of vibration of a word. The word “choose” resolves to a two and the word “carefully” is a four. Words that are a two are about intuition, sensitivity, and cooperation. And words that are a four are solid, stable, and practical, a balanced foundation. Although the numbering system seems arbitrary and the interpretation somewhat subjective, you can see how those two words fit their description and purpose. So, maybe there’s something useful to this numbers applied to words stuff. For me, choosing words that are positive in my writing and responses seems to produce beneficial results. That’s a long way to say, be happy, be positive. That’s the easy way to have more positive and happy moments in your life. You simply create them.

There’s so much more to say and so many more topics to cover, but I’m dedicated to winding down a bit before bedtime.

So, for now, fare ye well.

Writer, SEO expert, Social Media, Websites, networking, computers, training professional. and

Writer, SEO expert, Social Media, Websites, networking, computers, training professional. and