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The Inequities of Love

Have you thought of something so often that you could swear you must have started writing about it by now? That is true of this.

Long ago I lost count of the myriad examples I have to illustrate this idea. You probably have many of your own. It may be difficult to decide which side you would rather be on, but if you are with me, it can be rather painful.

Worse than that, you start to become numb to the pain. Once you start accepting your role in all of this, it is helpful to know the serenity prayer. There are things you cannot change. Even if you could change things, my guess is that you would not want to be on the other side of the inequality.

You are welcome to raise your hand here, if you know what I mean. And, likely you know way more about this than you wish you did, if you are on “our side.” Do we ever want to give less than all we have?

When I was still with my last wife, I used to say, kiddingly, “I love you more.” That was often my response to her more casual “I love you.” When she was more sincere in her delivery I would not kid. But I truly meant it every time I said it and I fully believed it to be the truth.

By now I realize many examples would be tiresome. You probably already know how it is and you may already see yourself on one side or the other of the greater than/less than comparison.

Take heart in the idea that (your) love is an endless supply. Even if you give all the love you have to give to everyone you meet and more so to those who become close friends or cherished lovers, you cannot exhaust your storehouse of the greatest power in the universe. Indeed the movement of the planets themselves is based on the simple physics of attraction. If ever there was a creator of the universe, or heaven and earth, He, She, or it began with this very basic concept; desire.

“Inequity” may not be a suitable term for the difference, but there are some who are not going to “love you back” in equal measure to what you give. Learn to be comfortable with this fact and you may reduce your level of suffering.

What I was trying to say in my earlier inference, God grant me the Serenity to Accept the Things I cannot Change. Courage and Wisdom come later.

Fairness and justice be damned. Give. Give all you have to give, every time. And enjoy your authentic life.

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